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Get a Closer Look at Dupion Resham Silk and its Weaving Techniques

by Rasm By Muskaan 25 Dec 2023
Get a Closer Look at Dupion Resham Silk and its Weaving Techniques

Pure silk sarees are love at first sight for every Indian woman, as this lightweight fabric with a sheen texture exudes pure elegance in every drape. Though you will find many versions of pure silk sarees in the Indian market, dupion resham silk sarees are rare, exclusive, and available only with some limited saree brands like Rasm by Muskaan, a promising Banarasi saree shop in Varanasi. Varanasi in India is considered a leading producer of Dupion silk, crafted by expert weavers for generations.

So, let’s dig into the nitty gritty of Dupion Resham Silk

The lightweight, glossy, and durable dupion silk is weaved of the finest warp thread and uneven weft thread that lend this fabric a tightly woven and lustrous texture. Besides its unmatched elegance, Dupion resham silk sarees are the best match for Indian weather as it is cool and comfortable to wear in summer and warm and cozy in the winter.

Factors that make Dupion Resham Silk sarees stand out:

  • Stronger than other silk fabric due to closely knitted weaving
  • Resistant to wrinkles and hence a little maintenance is enough to keep this saree brand new for years
  • Has absorbent properties like wool
  • Very comfortable and luxurious fabric
  • Durable and environment friendly

How Dupion Resham Silk sarees are made?

Dupion and Resham are two different kinds of pure silk. While dupion silk is characterized by irregular texture, resham is the embroidery thread used for that embellish effect on any fabric. When both silks are combined, it results in an elegant masterpiece of stunning dupion resham silk sarees.

Dupion resham silk sarees have a glossy shine and are available in various pattern work all over the fabric. Because of the sheen and appeal, dupion resham silk sarees look great on every woman.

Fabric: Dupion silk is known for its coarse texture, which gives it a unique charm. It is woven using two different silk yarns, often from two different silk worms, resulting in a thick and heavy fabric.

Resham Embroidery: Resham refers to silk thread used for embroidery work. Dupion resham silk sarees are adorned with intricate resham embroidery in various patterns and designs. The embroidery may include motifs, floral patterns, paisleys, or other intricate designs.

Colors and Designs: Dupion resham silk sarees come in a wide range of vibrant colors and designs. You can find sarees with bold and bright hues as well as subtle pastel shades. The designs can vary from traditional and ethnic patterns to contemporary and fusion styles, catering to different tastes and occasions.

 Occasions: Dupion resham silk sarees exude elegance and grace, making them ideal for celebrations and gatherings where a traditional and sophisticated look is desired.

Maintenance: Dupion resham silk sarees require proper care to maintain their beauty. It is recommended to dry clean them to preserve their quality and prevent damage. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight for extended periods and store them in a cool and dry place.

Dupion resham silk sarees are cherished for their elegance, craftsmanship, and timeless appeal. They are a symbol of Indian tradition and are highly sought after by saree enthusiasts for their luxurious feel and exquisite embroidery. To buy pure Dupion resham silk sarees, visit Rasm by Muskaan and place your order today from our wide range assortment.

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